Dynamic response of corrugated sandwich steel plates with graded cores

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This paper addresses the dynamic response of sandwich steel plates with three kinds of corrugated core arrangements consisting of identical core density subjected to dynamic air pressure loads. The corrugated sandwich steel plate consists of top and bottom flat substrates of Steel 1018 and corrugated core layers of Steel 1008. The corrugated core layers are arranged with uniform and non-uniform thicknesses. The stress-strain relations of Steel 1018 at high strain rates are measured using the Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar. For dynamic finite element analyses, both carbon steels are assumed to follow bilinear strain hardening and strain rate-dependence. The developed finite element model is validated with a set of shock tube experiments, making it feasible for a parametric design study. Three corrugated core arrangements are taken into consideration for optimizing core design parameters in order to maximize mitigation of blast load effects onto the structure. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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International Journal of Impact Engineering