Dynamic response of Hastelloy® X plates under oblique shocks: Experimental and numerical studies

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Conference Proceeding

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The dynamic behavior of Hastelloy® X plates subjected to normal and oblique shock loading was studied both experimentally and numerically. A series of experiments was conducted on Hastelloy® X plates at room temperature under fixed boundary conditions using a shock tube apparatus. High-speed digital cameras were used to obtain the real-time images of the specimen during the shock loading. Digital image correlation (DIC) technique was utilized to obtain 3D deformations of the plates using stereo-images of the specimen. The numerical modeling utilized the finite element software package Dynamic System Mechanics Analysis Simulation (DYSMAS), which includes both the structural analysis as well as the fluid-structure interaction to study the dynamic behavior of the specimen under given loads. Experimentally obtained pressure-time profiles were used as a reference in numerical modeling. It was observed that the lower angles of shock incidence caused more deformation on the specimen. Additionally for oblique shocked specimens, the deformation was observed to initiate from the edge nearer to the muzzle. The results from the numerical simulations were validated with the experimental data, and showed excellent correlation for all cases.

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International Journal of Impact Engineering