Design and analysis of a low profile micro-positioning stage

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In precision joining processes, such as laser welding, there is need for low-profile, high stiffness, vertical motion positioning stages. Piezoelectric actuators with their smooth motion, infinite resolution, and high stiffness offer an attractive choice for use as driving elements in these stages. However, directly employing a piezoelectric actuator to produce the required motion for precision joining applications requires the use of a very long actuator (>200 mm) which would interfere with the tight tooling workspace. This paper presents detailed analysis and design of a new low profile, single-axis, piezo-driven vertical motion micro-positioning stage. The stage is constructed from flexure hinges and uses a lever to transfer the horizontal motion of a piezoelectric actuator into vertical motion of the stage. The design employs a novel configuration of a hinge pivot to improve the motion accuracy of the stage. A strategy to select the driving actuator based on maximizing the motion range of the stage is also presented. As an illustration, the design of a stage with a motion range of 100 μm, a stiffness of about 20 N/μm in the moving direction, and a low profile height (approx. 70 mm) is presented. A finite element simulation of the stage is also performed to verify the stage behavior. The results show that the stage behaves in a linear fashion, has a high accuracy with a maximum straightness error and yaw error or less than 0.4 μm and 0.004 mrad, respectively, and a high stiffness in the transverse direction (>120 N/μm).

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Production Engineering Division (Publication) PED



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