Generalized preisach model for hysteresis nonlinearity of piezoceramic actuators

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This paper presents a new approach for modeling the hysteresis nonlinearity of a piezoceramic actuator using a modified generalized Preisach model, and the use of this model in a linearizing control scheme. The developed generalized Preisach model relaxes the congruency requirement on the hysteresis loops of a piezoceramic actuator, which must be satisfied when using the classical Preisach model. The congruency property is experimentally proved to not hold when running the actuator on a minor hysteresis loop. A numerical expression of the model is derived in terms of first- and second-order reversal curve experimental datasets. Output prediction using this model is performed on both an exponentially decayed sinusoidal input signal and an arbitrary input signal, and the results show that the model can accurately reproduce the hysteresis response with an error of less than 2.7%. A tracking control system for a piezoceramic actuator is also developed by combining a PID feedback controller with a hysteresis linearizing scheme in a feed-forward loop. The results show that this new control system can achieve 0.25 μm tracking control accuracy, which is 80 and 50% less than that obtained when using an open-loop controller and a regular feedback control system, respectively. © Elsevier Science Inc., 1997.

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Precision Engineering