Robotic fueling system

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Conference Proceeding

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Three components of a concept robotic fueling system for automatic refueling of vehicles for commercial use were designed and tested. The components of interest were the control system (user interface and logic), vehicle positioning system (sensor system), and the automatic controlled dispensing of fuel (fuel nozzle). Tests on a scaled bench-top vehicle model achieved detection and orientation of the vehicle model in the fuel area as well as location of the model's fuel port. A test of automated dispensing of fuel was performed on a modified commercial fuel nozzle. Fuel dispensing is initiated by a signal from the control system, and is stopped when an experimentally determined pressure is reached in a venturi tube monitored by the control system, automating a mechanical process implored by fuel nozzles today. It was found that the accuracy and repeatability of the system was compromised by two components of the prototype system; inexpensive IR range sensors and vibrations due to a low end stepper motor. ©2008 IEEE.

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2008 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications, TePRA