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Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering


This paper presents a novel frequency-domain approach to reveal the exact range of the imaginary spectra and the stability of linear time-invariant systems with two delays. First, an exact relation, i.e., the Rekasius substitution, is used to replace the exponential term caused by the delays in order to transform the transcendental characteristic equation to a quasi-polynomial. Second, this quasi-polynomial is uniquely tackled by our proposed Dixon resultant and discriminant theory, leading to the elimination of delay-related elements and the revelation of the exact range of the frequency spectra of the original system of interest. Then, by sweeping the frequency over this obtained range, the stability switching curves are declared exhaustively. Last, we deploy the cluster treatment of characteristic roots (CTCR) paradigm to reveal the exact and complete stability map. The proposed methodologies are tested and verified by a numerical method called Quasi-Polynomial mapping-based Root finder (QPmR) over an example case.

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