Unsteady laminar natural convection, radiation and conduction within an enclosure with an obstruction

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A numerical unsteady two-dimensional heat transfer and fluid flow analysis has been conducted on a square enclosure with a centered square obstruction. The analysis includes conduction, laminar natural convection and radiation with a radiatively non-participating fluid. Uniform temperature boundary conditions are prescribed on the left and right enclosure surfaces whereas, the top and bottom surfaces are maintained at adiabatic condition. Non-dimensionalized governing equations are solved using a control volume finite difference scheme coupled to a radiation algorithm. The calculations are performed for three enclosure lengths (L = 0.025 m, 0.050 m, 0.100 m), for six maximum enclosure temperature differences (ΔT = 20°, 50°, 100°, 200°, 300°, 400°K) a cold wall temperature of Tc = 293°K and, for two thermal diffusivity ratios (α* = 0.115, 2.902). Results are displayed in the form of streamline and isotherm plots, velocity and radiation heat flux plots and, tabulated radiation and convective Nusselt numbers. They are also compared with recent literature in radiation and convection within enclosures.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Division, (Publication) HTD



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