Fault-tolerant motion planning of redundant manipulator with initial position error

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In the robotic manipulator operation practice, it is necessary to adjust the manipulator initial state to an accurate configuration for executing a given path tracking task. However, it is difficult to achieve a desired accurate configuration, which would lead to an unexpected initial position error of the end-effector. In this paper, based on a new neural-dynamic design method, i.e., Zhang dynamics, a fault-tolerant motion planning scheme is presented to diminish the initial position error arising in the manipulator state adjustment. Such a motion planning scheme of redundant manipulators can rapidly and smoothly diminish the initial position error during the task execution. Computer simulations are presented to illustrate the validity and advantages of the fault-tolerant motion planning scheme with an initial position error based on a four-link manipulator model.

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Proceedings of 2018 IEEE 7th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference, DDCLS 2018