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Out of Diversity: We Speak.

Dr. Jody Lisberger, Director, and Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies; Dr. Robert Carothers, Academic Affairs; Dr. Adam Roth, Communication Studies; Dr. Ian Reyes, Communication Studies; Dr. Mercedes Rivero Hudec, Chemical Engineering; Dr. Jeremiah Dyehouse, Writing & Rhetoric; and students who will be speaking about their lives, in relation to diversity. Students and faculty rarely find time to engage each other around the arts and share the value of their individual and collective lives. This reading of expressive writing from four culturally diverse faculty and four students will reveal the influences of our diverse ways of being and knowing ourselves and our significant others. By reaching across boundaries of education, discipline, age-generation, ethnicity, race, and sexuality this reading celebrates the impact of multiculturalism on our intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and occupational choices, and enables us to model collaboration.



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