Analyzing risks posed by climate change on ports: A fuzzy approach

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This chapter provides a contribution on the impacts of climate change that can affect Canal operation or result in the Canal's closure. This constitutes the background for any analysis aiming at quantifying the economic benefits of further adaptation measures to be implemented in the Canal region. The Panama Canal Authority includes climate-change-related risk assessment procedures as part of the expansion of environmental impact studies, and an integrated adaptation programme is developed as part of the expansion plan. A climate-change-induced cargo transit reduction through the Canal could have a substantial impact on the Canal, as in 1997-98. Climate change can affect agriculture production and by modifying trade patterns also reduce the use of the Canal, as grain carriers constitute one-quarter of Canal ship passages. The economic consequences of disruptions in the operation of the Panama Canal depend on the gravity and type of the disruption as well as the length of time the disruption would affect operations.

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Climate Change and Adaptation Planning for Ports