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Marine Affairs


Seaports are particularly vulnerable to coastal hazards such as hurricanes and flooding due to their location. Sea level change (SLC) can magnify the impacts of these coastal hazards, threatening the resilience of ports. Engineers must design port infrastructure that is adequately prepared for the amount of SLC expected within the design life of the structure. However, the uncertainty of SLC projections coupled with the long service lives of port infrastructure presents unique challenges to do so. Through an online survey of 85 US port and maritime infrastructure engineers, this research reflects the US engineering community's attitude and approach to planning for SLC for maritime infrastructure projects. Only 29% of respondents indicated that their organization had an internal SLC policy, design, or planning document. Furthermore, results show that the lack of regulatory design standards in this area leads to engineers and their clients disregarding SLC more frequently. There is a clear need for collaboration among stakeholders to develop practical design methods for designing resilient port infrastructure.