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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


To emphasize the need for a regional perspective of the coastal zone in effective planning in New England, the characteristics that make New England a distinct marine region and the use conflicts that are specific to this region are explored in the discussion that follows.The extent to which the New England states have developed coastal zone management, both in incremental local and state practice and through comprehensive plans, is also discussed. Within New England, there are regional organizations that provide assistance and guidance in matters relating to the coastal zone, but to date, most of their efforts have been directed at general goals of management or individual state needs. Two notable exceptions, sponsored by the New England River Basins Commission, that provide excellent examples of the kind of regional effort that may be effective in developing a perception of the coastal zone as a region among the New England publics will be reviewed in a discussion of the role of regional organizations. Public participation will be considered as an integral part of each relevant management plan, throughout the discussion, to suggest the relation between public involvement and effectiveness. Finally, suggestions for developing consciousness of the coastal zone as a region--developing a regional perspective among the publics--are presented.