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Major Paper

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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs

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energy shortage (1973-1974); United States; National Energy Policy; Atomic Energy Commission


The purpose of the following paper is to examine broadly some of the implications of the energy shortage, in terms of the following: the new kinds of technology being developed to tap alternative energy sources; the relationship between the energy shortage and the soon-to-be-felt shortages of other resources; possible effects of the energy shortage upon efforts to protect the environment; and social implications of the inevitable limitation to economic and population growth, at least on this planet. The paper is presented in two parts. The first will be a brief discussion of the major elements of the problem and a look at the probable course of our national effort to cope with it. Secondly, I will address the problem of public awareness of the significant issues; in this part will be presented a short story, portrayinga slice of the world as it might exist in twenty or thirty years.