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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The military sealift requirements of the Department of Defense and the cooperation of the Merchant Marine in times of crises, national emergencies and wars are well known. The current trend toward increasing international trade; problems of inadequate U.S. flag commercial shipping fleet and further reductions in the size of the active and reserve naval fleets, require that some cooperative effort be considered in a normal peacetime environment as well as in a crisis role. The majority of the ships of the U.S. Navy and Merchant Marine are well over twenty years old and are inefficient and uneconomical to operate. Positive steps are being taken to improve the quality of each fleet within the overall budget constraints. This paper proposes several administrative, operational and hardware oriented concepts which will have the effect of making the Merchant Marine and Naval forces a team operation and more responsive to routine operations and a national crisis. An acceptance of these concepts should cause the operation of both fleets to be more efficient and productive.