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Major Paper

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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


This paper is being presented in three distinct parts. Each section deals with fisheries development in Somalia, East Africa, past, present and future. The first section focuses on a project proposal by a World Bank/U.N. FAO joint effort. This proposal exemplifies a traditional approach to development. This traditional approach will be defined and then evaluated. The second section is a report of the authors consultancy to the Somali government concerning the development of the fisheries within the Coastal Development Projects jurisdiction. The approach employed was one of first defining the problem and then working on solutions. This section is being offered as a comparison to the first. The third section focuses on a particular portion of Somalia's fishing industry, namely the indigenous boat building industry. This section is an effort to develop a development strategy which avoids some of the pitfalls pointed out in the first section on traditional development while incorporating the lessons learned and described in the second section.