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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The role of the Philippine bases in augmenting the Maritime Strategy of the United States Navy's regional mission of deterrence and sea lane protection is being closely scrutinized due to a leadership change in the Philippines and possible military budget cuts at home. This study evaluates the assets of the Subic Bay Naval Station, Cubi Point Naval Air Station, and Clark Air Force Base and the support provided by these bases to Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean/Persian Gulf. In the event of a peace-time loss of the bases, options for relocation of forces are evaluated. Historical development of the bases since 1947 is reviewed with the specific intent of demonstrating how the base agreement has evolved from almost total U.S. control to the weak U.S. position which exists today. At the same time, the Soviet threat has continued to spread into the region as the developing countries have expanded their economic political influence. The study concludes that the Philippine bases are currently an irreplaceable component of the Navy's effort to maintain a viable naval presence in the region.