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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The incidental capture and resultant mortality of numerous fin-fish and other species of marine organisms by non-selective types of fishing gear constitute a major waste of the various fishery resources. The magnitude of the discarded by-catch and its effects upon the major fisheries is examined. Specific gear types contributing to the problem will be identified. The Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery of the U.S., which annually catches over a billion pounds of unwanted fin-fish or “trash-fish” will be examined and an evaluation of the continuing development of selective shrimp trawling gear specifically designed to reduce the incidental capture of sea turtles, fin-fish, jellyfish, and other marine organisms will be conducted. Information is also presented on other possible gear modifications and operational alternatives both domestic and foreign, directed at minimizing the impacts of this neglected but critical facet of fishery science-truly, an international fishery management problem.