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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The Gulf of Maine area, including Georges Bank, has long been regarded as an area of special interest and importance to United States' fishermen. The riches of Georges Bank were known to New England fishermen in the 18th century, and early in the 19th century, fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts developed the halibut fishery on the Bank. Through the 19th century and util the 1950's the Georges Bank fishery was exclusively the province of new England fishermen. However, in the 1960's large factory fleets from the Soviet Union and Japan began to invade the waters of Georges Bank. The wave of newcomers also included Canadian fishermen who, as a result of government subsidies, were able to under-sell U.S. fishermen in American markets. These developments led the United States to join the growing number of coastal nations that were extending their fisheries jurisdiction out to 200 nautical miles.