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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The Islands of the Lesser Antilles are described as "truly archipelagic, enjoying the characteristic features of both oceanic and coastal islands." Once considered pristine and far removed from the influences of pollution from coastal areas, they are now faced with the realities of their own solid waste problems, resource degradation and over-exploitation, as well as human health impacts from contaminated rivers and coastal areas. Each of these territories can be considered packages of economic, political and cultural networks, attempting to provide for individual and nationwide needs while seeking economic growth and self-sufficiency. If developed properly and used in tandem with sustainable development principles, it is possible that increased use of the coastal zone might be possible without the obvious impacts that this normally implies. The closely linked islands of the Lesser Antilles have shared characteristics that are normally imperceptible such as current driven migrations of the pelagic larvae of some marine species, and similarly the sharing of pollution. This hidden dimension is only now being understood as research is stepped up and more data is provided on intra-regional linkages of marine resources.