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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


After Sri Lanka's independence in 1948, the economic importance of the coastal areas had intensified due to development of commercial and fishery harbors, transportation, communication, and recreational facilities. Opportunities in the public administration, industry, and education sectors were other main attractions. With the introduction of international tourism in 1970, economic development of coastal areas increased further. In addition to the job opportunities provided by the industrial and commercial sectors, many people were engaged in other activities depending on coastal resources, including fishing and mining activities. Prior to 1978, there was no proper authority or mechanism to address coastal issues. legislation specifically adopted to deal with coastal problems did not exist in Sri Lanka until 1980. The increasing coastal problems continued to occur with the degradation and exploitation of coastal resources. Realizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to coastal management, the Sri Lanka government enacted the Coast Conservation Act (CCA) No. 57 in 1981. The CCA required the establishment of the Coast Conservation Department (CCD) whose objective is to implement the national coastal management program.