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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


Dredging management within the states of Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut is examined through an analysis of the ports of Providence, Portland, and New Haven. These ports were selected from a field of 30 Atlantic Coast ports through a multivariate statistical analysis, based on similarities in size, function and geography. Each port's dredging history was compiled to illustrate the frequency and magnitude of dredging activity among the three states. Pertinent state laws, regulations and policies regarding dredging and dredged material disposal were reviewed in an attempt to identify similarities and differences. It was believed that differences among each state's regulatory frameworks concerning dredging activities would lead to variations in each state's dredging management. While variations do exist among each state's regulatory framework, it was determined that these differences only caused minor variations in processing time for dredging permits. The results of this research indicate that it is the availability of suitable disposal sites, and not variations among state-level dredging regulations, that is the main controlling factor with regard to effective dredging management.