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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


Gender consideration is an essential component of fishery development activities. The purpose of this thesis is to help guide planners and decision-makers who are concerned with understanding the role of women in fisheries development in general as well as in the Republic of Indonesia. Thus, it is partially based upon field research conducted in Indonesia among fishing communities which are representative of different types of fisheries. Justification for research concerning the role of women in the fisheries sector and the reasons why women should be included in development policy and planning are presented in Chapter I. The general research setting, the assumptions and delimitations of the study and operational definitions are also outlined in Chapter I. Methods and materials used to conduct research for this thesis are described in Chapter II. Women in Development (WID) literature and the body of literature focusing on women in fisheries worldwide are reviewed in Chapter III to provide a theoretical framework for the study of women in Indonesian fisheries. Chapter IV of the thesis describes the fisheries sector in Indonesia in general and then with more specific reference to the role of women in Indonesian fisheries development. Chapter V discusses research findings with a description of the sites which were visited and with an analysis of data gathered from a questionnaire. Chapter VI identifies factors influencing the role of women in Indonesian fisheries and outlines guidelines for incorporating gender considerations into fishery development activities. Strategies for enhancing the role of women in coastal communities are also presented.