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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


To the Teacher: The materials presented and developed in this learning activity packet involve dynamic, complex, and persistent environmental issues concerning man's interaction with the oceans and the marine environment. As we progress into the 1980's, many decisions effecting the marine world will be made within the political sphere. These decisions will have wide-spreading impacts into the economic and social areas as well. Some consequences will be observed immediately, and others perhaps more serious, defiant of detection, and in some instances even hazardous, may have delayed results. The complex interrelationships of land and oceanic environments, the fragility of the marine world, and the often conflicting needs and uses of our technological world are major reasons for introducing the high school student of the 1980's to the issues presented in this learning packet. It is paramount that students realize that most complex problems must be thoroughly and accurately analyzed. A variety of options must be stringently researched and reviewed. Many issues may also require some degree of compromise or adaptation. The materials presented for the teacher in this packet could form the basis for additional study on complex and specialized topics that the overburdened high school teacher may not have time to research. The very nature of these materials necessitates constant updating and revision. Both teachers and students should be involved in this process. These materials are presented as a guideline. It is understood that the concerned teacher will not only adapt these suggested presentations to the needs and objectives of the particular class, but will also enhance the materials and activities wherever possible. In some instances the teacher may choose to supplement the student materials for the more academically able students with the teacher materials.