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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The European Law and power has not such a world-wide application nowadays, and it is rather against the rules created by the old European order that the nations formed during the second part of this century have begun a rebellion process. One can address the following questions: what exactly is nowadays the action of the European Community at sea: is there a common policy of the common Market toward marine related problems? If there is one, what is the actual impact of this policy at the international level, and especially these days, in regards of the Law of the Sea Conference? The purpose of this paper is to consider these questions and to analyze the actual attitude and integration of the states which constitute the European Economic Community towards shipping, scientific research at sea and marine environmental concerns about pollution, the continental shelf and the exploitation of its mineral and living resources, all problems which can be considered inside the jurisdictional powers of the Community. In each of these fields, after a global statement about the present development of the considered activity, the regional integration and the international influence will be discussed. A rapid summary of the history of the European Community and a description of its Institutions will precede the discussion of its sea related activities.