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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


To the Student: As we progress into the 1980's, you will become more aware of a number of marine related environmental issues. Many of these complex marine issues will be decided within the political sphere of our society. These are not isolated issues, but rather complicated ones which impact a wide section of our economic and social lives. The issues we are discussing include: land use (especially in the coastal zone), the city of facilities (e.g. sewer treatment plants, power plants, nuclear power plants), and the drilling for oil and gas and minerals on submerged and continental shelf areas. Port development or revitalization, fisheries and fish processing, and shipping will involved issues that are not merely domestic, but international and hence more complex in scope. The materials provided in this student section are designed to introduce you to some of these complex issues with their far-reaching causes and impacts. These materials will have achieved some level of success, if you, the decision maker of the future, begin to realize some of the depth and degree of involvement these issues share. Consider this study as an introduction and a means of assisting you in an analysis of issues that will be resolved within the near future. May you continue an intensive search for solutions that may not come easily, but will result in an improved environment.