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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


A brief review of the origin of the Navy's coastal real estate holdings and a method of approach to analysis of the present conflicts of multiple use of the coastal zone isused to assess the needs for continued use of these holdingsand provide valid arguments for retention of those that are required. The study also presents a method of analysis that could provide a means for anticipating or resolving conflicting uses of Navy held real estate. The pressure created by an increasing population combined with a reduction of the armed forces necessitates a review of all Navy coastal zone property holdings. The overall holdings are reviewed, however no specific areas are analyzed. The author concludes that there are valid needs of naval coastal zone land holdings to meet peacetime security requirements, to permit expansion for future national emergencies, to provide flexibility of response to contingencies short of war, and toaccommodate changes in technology. Conflict matrix analysisis recommended for use in recognizing potential conflicts and in resolving those conflicts in a rational manner.