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This is the text of a paper submitted in 1992 by Andrée Rathemacher as the final project for an Independent Study course at Brown University. The Independent Study, with Professor Duncan Smith, was titled "The Image of Germany in America, 1871-1917." The paper examines two newspapers — the Providence Journal and the Providencer Anzeiger — and attempts to trace how the attack on Germany and on all things German in the United States during the first World War played out in and on both newspapers. The Providence Journal is especially significant in this study, as its editor was a leading force in the campaign for the U.S. to enter the war against Germany.

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Providence Journal Articles vol. 1.pdf (27860 kB)
Providence Journal Articles vol. 1 (1871-1916)

Providence Journal Articles vol. 2.pdf (33447 kB)
Providence Journal Articles vol. 2 (1917-1990)

Providencer Anzeiger Articles.pdf (40021 kB)
Providencer Anzeiger Articles (1900-1918)

Brown Independent Study Proposal.pdf (77 kB)
Independent Study Proposal

Brown Independent Study Syllabus.pdf (72 kB)
Independent Study Syllabus