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The authors discuss the plan for building an incremental, multi-year information literacy program at the University of Rhode Island. Review of the current library instruction program leads to why and how they plan to change the program by focusing on the concepts of understanding what information is in addition to learning how to gather, evaluate, and use information. The Draft Plan for Information Literacy at the University of Rhode Island Libraries addresses the information and research needs of undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty needs. The development of credit-bearing courses in information literacy, the creation of information literacy modules for specific disciplines and the Draft Plan for Information Literacy are discussed. This article received the "Outstanding Paper Award for Excellence" for 2001 from the journal Reference Services Review. The article was chosen by the Editor and the Editorial Advisory Board as best meeting the editorial and readership objectives of the Journal.

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Preprint version. This is the author's version of the work as submitted to the publisher. The final version was published in: Reference Services Review, Volume 28, No. 3, 2000. Available online at