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Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART) is one of the most successful National Information Standards Organization (NISO) recommended practices. Formally supported by over eighty organizations across all stakeholder groups, it enables a standardized transfer of data between content providers and knowledgebases. The KBART Standing Committee has begun work on Phase III of KBART, which was last updated in 2014. In this NASIG 2021 session, three members of the KBART Standing Committee provided an overview of plans around Phase III of KBART, reviewing progress to date and highlighting efforts to resolve issues around KBART files for which there are no easy answers, such as the challenges of supporting additional content types beyond serials and monographs, how best to handle gap coverage for serials, and how to communicate Open Access content. The audience was asked to provide input on their use of KBART files, how they would like to use KBART that is not possible today, their thoughts on support for additional content types, and their opinions on proposed changes to KBART around the treatment of gap coverage and the handling of Open Access content.

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The Serials Librarian