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When trying to manage their e-resources, librarians spend a significant amount of time adjusting their holdings in vendor knowledgebases to make sure that the content their library can access is selected properly. This is often a tedious process, which, extrapolated out to each content provider, can be a drain on library resources. A National Information Standards Organization (NISO) recommended practice provides a solution to this problem by facilitating the automatic transfer and retrieval of library-specific Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART) holdings data between content providers and knowledgebases. In this presentation, Matthew Ragucci of Wiley presents a publisher’s perspective on the work required to implement KBART Automation: Automated Retrieval of Customer Electronic Holdings, Andrée Rathemacher of the University of Rhode Island shares a librarian’s opinion on the benefits and potential pitfalls of KBART Automation, and Stephanie Doellinger of OCLC addresses the topic from a knowledgebase supplier’s point of view.

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The Serials Librarian