KBART Phase III: Changes and Unresolved Questions

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36th Annual NASIG Conference

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Slides for a presentation, "KBART Phase III: Changes and Unresolved Questions", presented at the 36th Annual NASIG Conference on May 20, 2021. The conference was held online due to COVID-19.



KBART is one of the most successful NISO recommendations today. Formally supported by over 80 organizations across all stakeholder groups, it enables a standardized transfer of data between content providers and knowledge bases. Recently KBART added an automated process to transfer institution-specific holdings data to knowledge bases.

Now, the KBART Standing Committee is beginning work on Phase III of the KBART Recommended Practice, which has not been updated since 2014.

While KBART was originally designed to deliver journal and book holdings information in support of OpenURL link resolvers, KBART files are now used in multiple systems and by various stakeholders throughout the e-resource supply chain. In addition, content providers have moved beyond journals and books to deliver multimedia and non-book/non-journal content from around the globe.

In this session, members of the KBART Standing Committee will provide an overview of our plans around KBART Phase III, which is now underway. We will review our progress to date, highlighting our efforts to resolve thorny issues around KBART files for which there are no easy answers such as:
=> Challenges of supporting additional content types beyond serials and monographs
=> How best to handle gap coverage for serials
=> How to indicate open access content

We’ll also raise questions about the role of KBART in discovery of and access to content at the article and chapter levels.

During the session, we will engage the audience by requestiong feedback on a number of issues using an EasyRetro board, with the goal of keeping KBART relevant and valuable into the future.


The session included an introductory slide presentation followed by a discussion with audience feedback via an interactive board on the EasyRetro.io platform. The session had approximately 76 attendees.

The link leads to a session description on the Sched website at https://sched.co/ifzm.

A video recording of the presentation is available here: https://youtu.be/vYFiSdAlRCw.

Additional files include PDFs of presentation slides (with and without speakers notes), a transcript of the session, the EasyRetro board in multiple formats, a screenshot of a post on Twitter related to the session, and a PDF printout of the entire NASIG 2021 conference program schedule.

NASIG 2021 - KBART Phase III presentation.pdf (732 kB)
PDF of presentation slides

NASIG 2021 - KBART Phase III presentation - slides with notes.pdf (855 kB)
PDF of presentation slides with notes

KBART Phase III Changes and Unresolved Questions.txt (38 kB)
Session transcript

2021-05-24 EasyRetro Board - NASIG 2021 - KBART Phase III.png (1533 kB)
PNG of EasyRetro board

2021-05-24 EasyRetro Board - NASIG 2021 - KBART Phase III.pdf (19 kB)
PDF of EasyRetro board

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CSV of EasyRetro board

2021-05-24 EasyRetro Board - NASIG 2021 - KBART Phase III.xlsx (22 kB)
XLSX of EasyRetro board

2021-05-24 EasyRetro Board - NASIG 2021 - KBART Phase III.docx (9 kB)
DOCX of EasyRetro board

NASIG 2021 KBART tweet.png (160 kB)
Screenshot of Twitter mention of session

nasig2021-schedule.pdf (57 kB)
PDF of NASIG 2021 schedule