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Café Salon Discussion, University of Rhode Island 11th Annual Academic Summit, Research, Scholarship, Creative Work: Inspiring Convergence at URI.

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The main file available here contains the notes taken by student note-taker Kaleigh Miech during the Café Salon Discussion “The Sociological and Humanistic Problem of ‘Fake News,’ As It Applies to All Subjects, Including Scientific Research and Theories in the Public Sphere.” The discussion took place on January 17, 2019 as part of the University of Rhode Island 11th Annual Academic Summit. It was facilitated by Profs. Andrée Rathemacher and Amanda Izenstark.

Supplemental files include:

  • An opening introduction prepared by the facilitators
  • The official 11th Annual Academic Summit Program
  • Café Salon Facilitator Guide

2019_Academic_Summit_Fake_News_Facilitators_outline_introduction.pdf (94 kB)
Facilitators' outline / introduction

2019_Academic_Summit_Program.pdf (425 kB)
2019 Academic Summit official program

Cafe_Salon_Facilitator_discussion_guide.pdf (78 kB)
Cafe Salon facilitator discussion guide