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University of Rhode Island Libraries, Search Savvy Seminar

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Slides from a presentation, "Researcher Profiles."

Presented as part of the Search Savvy Seminar "You Developed It — Now Share It! Researcher Profiles and Data Management," offered at the University of Rhode Island Libraries on October 21 and 25, 2016.

"You’ve done the research, you’ve written the article or book chapter, or you’ve given the presentation. Now, how do you share it so that you maximize your research impact? This session will lead you through setting up researcher profiles in SelectedWorks, ORCID, ResearcherID, and Google Scholar, and get you started with data management."

Part of the University Libraries' Search Savvy Seminar series.

Researcher Profiles slides without notes.pdf (42 kB)
PDF of slides without notes

Researcher Profiles.pptx (268 kB)
Powerpoint of slides

Data Management Researcher Profiles Search Savvy Seminar Outline.pdf (51 kB)
PDF of presentation outline