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New England Library Association Academic Librarians Section 2015 Fall Event, Open Access: Change, Challenge, Opportunity

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Speaker slides from a panel discussion, "Open Access Policies Panel Discussion with Boston University, Connecticut College, & University of Rhode Island," presented at the New England Library Association Academic Librarians Section 2015 Fall Event, "Open Access: Change, Challenge, Opportunity," held on November 13, 2015 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

"Each institution will have 20 minutes to speak about the policy at their institution and their experience with implementing the open access policy. Many libraries are likely going to be handling these policies in the near future. What services did you need to establish? What policies did you develop? What were major faculty concerns that the library needed to address? Any staffing issues? Lessons learned?"

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Presentation slides - Powerpoint

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Presentation slides - PDF

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Conference program

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