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Information Visualization Ecosystem: There’s Room for All

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Abstract: Information Visualization, writ large, is related to information graphics, data/text mining, and information retrieval. With the rise of “Big Data” and “Data Science”, the same skill sets taught across several curricula + a big dose of statistics afford opportunities for librarians, computer scientists, graphic designers, and web masters to collaborate in applying data visualization in ethical, informed ways. In this talk, we review definitions of “data visualization” across domains and suggest that greater technical knowledge in information science and awareness of opportunities can bring together digital humanities and the sciences for novel information discovery. The goal is to demonstrate multiple entrées to visualization and room for all in the new data ecosystem.

Bio: Gerald Benoît, native Rhode Islander and Navy vet, is an associate professor at Simmons College, teaching undergraduate computer science, graduate and doctoral information science courses. His educational background includes French and Russian double major, information science (Columbia Univ., UCLA) and a long pre-academic career in systems analysis/programming and graphic design. In his current position, Prof. Benoît created and directs the Information Science & Technology concentration, the 3+1 BS/MS program, creator of the Public Lecture Series and is a senior common room member, Adams House, Harvard University. Benoît’s research is driven by his dissertation in the Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action, and applied to “participatory” computing responsive systems development, ethics, and information visualization.