Submissions from 2007


The deterioration of urban environments in developing countries: Mitigating the air pollution crisis in Tehran, Iran, Farhad Atash

Innovative financing strategies for developing new train stations in Rhode Island, Farhad Atash and Talia Mccray

Submissions from 2006

Prospects and challenges of the proposed intermodal train station at T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island, Farhad Atash

Submissions from 2000


New towns and future urbanisation in Iran, Farhad Atash

Submissions from 1998


New towns and their practical challenges: The experience of Poulad Shahr in Iran, Farhad Atash and Y. S. Shirazi Beheshtiha

Submissions from 1996


Reorienting metropolitan land use and transportation policies in the USA, Farhad Atash

Submissions from 1994


Redesigning suburbia for walking and transit: Emerging concepts, Farhad Atash


Urban dimension of the population explosion in Iran. Prospects for the satellite town programme in the Esfahan region, Farhad Atash and YS Shirazi Beheshtiha

A role for comprehensive planning, geographical information system (GIS) technologies and program evaluation in aquatic habitat development, William R. Gordon

Submissions from 1993


Fragmentation of the urban fabric. The experience of Middle Eastern and North African cities, Farhad Atash

Mitigating traffic congestion in suburbs. An evaluation of land-use strategies, Farhad Atash

Travel characteristics of marine anglers using oil and gas platforms in the central Gulf of Mexico, William R. Gordon

Submissions from 1992


Geographical information systems and planning in the USA: Selected municipal adoption trends and educational concerns, William R. Gordon and Nader M. Soubra

Submissions from 1990


Local land use regulations in the USA. A study of their impacts on housing cost, Farhad Atash

Satellite town development in Shanghai, China: an overview, Farhad Atash and Xinhao Wang

Submissions from 1988


Agricultural Policies and Regional Disparities in the Third World: The Case of Iran, Farhad Atash


Providence, Farhad Atash