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The Simple Cabled Instrument for Measuring Parameters in-situ (SCIMPI) is a new borehole observatory instrument designed to study dynamic processes below the seafloor. SCIMPI performs time series measurements of temperature, pressure and electrical resistivity at a series of depths, tailored for site-specific scientific objectives. SCIMPI’s modular design enables tailoring of the type, depth distribution, and frequency of measurements based on the study goals and sediment characteristics. The first prototype is designed for 300m below the seafloor in soft sediment and 1500mb.s.l. However, SCIMPI could be tailored for deeper goals. The instrument can be configured for autonomous or cabled observatory deployments and has successfully undergone a number of tests, including pressure, communications, battery life, and interfacing with other drill-ship equipment. Here we discuss the design of the instrument, its capabilities, and the testing process it has passed through during four years of development. SCIMPI was successfully deployed on the Cascadia margin within the NEPTUNE Canada observatory network during IODP Expedition 341S in May 2013.

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