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Establishing the Rhode Island Community Learning Network (RICLN) 2009; Contact Person: Joseph Santiago, Instructional Program Coordinator, URI GLBT Center, Founder and Chair of Tomorrow's Voice Writing Circle; Joe Santiago and URI; Joseph A Santiago and URI; Objective THE RHODE ISLAND COMMUNITY LEARNING NETWORK (RICLN) IS A PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP CREATING A COMMUNITY LINKED AND OPERATED LEARNING AND CULTURAL EXCHANGE TO ENCOURAGE ALL OF THE ARTS TO BECOME A LARGER PART OF OUR LIVES. PRESENTLY THIS EFFORT IS A COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE URI GLBT CENTER AND TOMORROW'S VOICE WRITING CIRCLE. WE SEEK TO PROVIDE AN ENVIRONMENT THAT ALLOWS ALL PEOPLE EQUAL ACCESS TO EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND INFORMATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW SKILLS, ENHANCED QUALITY OF LIFE AND THE REALIZATION OF LIFE-LONG LEARNING. WE ARE SEEKING BOARD MEMBERS TO HELP BRING THIS VISION TOGETHER AND EXPAND WHAT WE DO TO BETTER CONNECT PEOPLE.; Learning Outcomes To have individuals see themselves as invested citizens who are invaluable creative capital because they bring creative solutions to community challenges and further the community’s voice and expression. To serve as role models for underrepresented individuals in the local and URI community to promote self-awareness, examine the intersections of culture and identities, and encourage GLBTIQQ individuals to be visible and integrated, within the community.; To take on topics that recognizes the diversity of individuals within our communities and gives representation, and expression to those diverse cultures and identities. To have individuals see the works they’ve created establish a legacy of accomplishment that makes us all proud. To have individuals expand their social circles, find community partners and opportunities, as well as the means for artists to communicate and collaborate with one another. Create opportunities to promote and celebrate the accomplishments of artists within Rhode Island and recognize their excellence.; Incorporate artists into all facets of community life including education, social services, faith based organizations, healthcare, policy development, community planning, public projects, and civic leadership and participation. Develop and connect artists to an online information center. This website would include an effective statewide artist database and the ability to search online and identify performance and workspaces, financial support, employment, and community partners and opportunities, as well as the means for artists to communicate and collaborate with one another.; Defining what is an artist An artist is somebody who creates and performs art. This includes poets, painters, writers, musicians, illustrators, and more.; Defining what is culture A definition of culture that would apply to a global business and community environment is any information, act, or experience that is intended to create a reference point and be passed on because of its influential affect on the mind, body, spirit, or physical ability of an individual.

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The Rhode Island Community Learning Network (RICLN) is a public-private partnership creating a community linked and operated learning and cultural exchange to encourage all of the arts to become a larger part of our lives. Presently this effort is a collaborative partnership between the URI GLBT Center and Tomorrow's Voice Writing Circle. We seek to provide an environment that allows all people equal access to education, training, and information for the development of new skills, improve the communities awareness of complex identity, gender, and cultural issues inherent in the Rhode Island area, and encouraging life-long learning and sharing. We are seeking board members to help bring this vision together and expand what we do to better connect people.



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