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Brian Stack began passing around this petition to relocate the GLBT Center 12/07/09. Petition to Move the GLBT Center Out of Adams Hall 2009; Moving out of Adams Hall to its own building would give the center more legitimacy and would look more professional.  Having its own building would make it easier to accommodate the many guests that come to different programs for things such as Conversation Groups, Welcome Project and the GLBT Symposium as well as the many different events that the center cosponsors.; Because of its location near other dorms the Center has been targeted for hate crimes in the past and the atmosphere around the dorm can be intolerant for GLBTIQQ students.  The current center is not large enough to hold the growing number of people coming weekly meetings. Attendance is increasing as time goes on, making space more important.; Moving the center to a house can be done in an affordable way that benefits both the center and the University.  Many people are unable to get into the GLBT Center because of the current card restrictions on getting into dorms. This applies to both students as well as Faculty/Staff.  A house would allow the Center to do more work such as adding a computer lab, working with residential life and sponsoring educational as well as GLBTIQQ centered programs.  A house would allow for other outside groups (PFLAG, Churches, Gay-Straight Alliances etc) to come and use the facility with easy access and a tolerant environment.  Because it is in a dorm the center is unable to do some of the programs it would like such as gender-neutral bathrooms.; Having the GLBT Center in a house would show prospective students that there is an open and accepting environment for GLBTIQQ people who want to come to URI  The dorm setting is not conducive to many students and programs as it can be loud and some people may not want to be seen going into the dorm the center is in.  The current center is not a place where it is easy to monitor who goes in and out of the center.; Some people in Adams Hall who are not friendly to the GLBTIQQ community can come in and vandalize the center because of its location.  Having a center with residential living would give an alternate rooming situation to GLBTIQQ students put in a poor roommate situation  Having the GLBT Center in a similar situation to the Women’s Center would allow for a more open and affirming campus climate and would allow the center to put on more projects and do more support for the community.



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