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GLBT Center meeting notes, updates, and tasks. GLBT Center Meeting Minutes; August 3 2009; Jamie Cottrell; Morgan Cottrell; Joseph A Santiago; Joe Santiago; Andrew Winters; Reminder: Orientation is tomorrow (August 4th) from 8:15 to 9:15 o Jamie, Jess, Marcus can do it o Leave from the Center at 7:45am; Career Services Presentation is Wednesday August 12th at 9:00am o Outline for the presentation was sent out by Eva - Another request for a Welcome Project presentation was asked o Tell people a way to get the sticker is to come to a Welcome Wednesday meeting; R.A. training for the end of the month o Aug 24 Monday at 1:30-2:20 and 2:30-3:25 in Atrium 1 in MU o Two groups of 40 new R.A.’s (80 in total) o Make sure they have schedules for upcoming events o Talk about the Welcome Project



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