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This post contains the GLBTIQQ Symposium Meeting Minutes for 1/20/2008. EXHIBIT;Opens on February 14th. Set up is required between Feb. 12 and 14th.  PROGRAM: Curator, Ted Phillips, Bob Wisebord (sp?) and one of the American Holocaust Liberators are scheduled and confirmed for the panel discussion in the Kirk Auditorium. This program will be followed by an exhibit preview and a reception.  MOVIES TO ACCOMPANY THE EXHIBIT are scheduled on February 19th, February 26th and March 4th in the Multicultural Center’s Hardge Forum Room.  On March 2nd another exhibit inspired program will take place featuring the Gay Men’s Chorus and the Providence Holocaust Education Center.; The Calendar for these events will be printed (printing in progress) and posted on the GLBT Website. SYMPOSIUM: Schedule and notes are as follow:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26TH: OPENING CEREMONY w/ Jason Knight in the Multicultural Center o Al will be confirming on the details o A reception will follow the presentation/lecture; THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH o 11:00am – tentative Transgender presentation by Gavei of Lifelines (Andrew will contact and confirm at next meeting) o 12:00pm – Theresa DeFrancis w/ Lesbian Legitimacy o 1:00pm – Pamela Hayes-Bohanan w/ GLBT Censorship o 2:00pm – Sabrina Gentlewarrior w/ Ending Homophobia o 3:00pm – David O’Malley w/ Monologue to Dialogue o 4:00pm – tentative presentation on Hate Violence by Jodi Glass (Andrew will contact and confirm at next meeting) o 7:30pm – PFLAG Movie and Choruses w/ a Discussion and Reception; This will feature the Bonnettis and their film as well as Womansspiritrising and Raging Grannies (Andrew will contact and confirm at next meeting)  FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH o 11:00am – Melany Tromba w/ AIDS/HIV o 12:00pm – Mike Miele w/ Play Conversations o 1:00pm – Kade Langston Aris w/ Genderqueer o 2:00pm – Ron Suresha w/ The Kinsey Report o 3:00pm – tentative presentation by Lightfoot Lane on Rural Maine (Andrew will contact and confirm) o 4:00pm – tentative program by Prism or Marriage Equality (Andrew will contact and confirm)  Possibly an AIDS care program will supplement Melany’s program – this may occur at 10:00am, but will be decided at next meeting.  SATURDAY, MARCH 29TH o This is open for student programming.



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