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GLBT Center meeting notes, updates, and tasks. GLBT Center Staff Meeting Notes – 1 June 2009; In Attendance: Joe, Mike, Jess, Jamie, Andrew, and Eva Welcome Project Brochure Revisions We discussed what the Welcome Project was, which sought to affirm dignity and address discrimination/oppression in the community. This project sought to do something similar to The Safe Zone, yet previous GLBT Center members felt that the Safe Zone implied that there were sanctioned unsafe zones. Thus, the Welcome Project was a title that implied safety and acceptance everywhere. The Welcome Project, as a part of the GLBT Center, also sponsored programs and fostered committees of anyone interested in its mission. The Welcome Project was structured by a process by which people first received a brochure, came to a GLBT Center program, and, then, received a sticker.; Revision suggestions:  After perusing the brochure, we agreed that the sticker process would remain in place. Mike and Andrew suggested that we all research suggestions for support of the Welcome Project (the middle, inner column of the brochure) in order to update the information within.  Joe suggested definitions of inappropriate and hate speech.  We also agreed that the helpful websites section needed updating as well.  With the new President, we agreed that we would revise Former President Carothers’s quote and research quotes from the broader GLBT Community and present the Welcome Project to the new President.  Provision of a statement regarding multiple statuses (race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.)  Staff member column also needs revision; Ultimately, the pamphlet should stimulate discussion of neglected issues. The model for which we will set up this brochure will follow as such: o What is it like (on campus and/or throughout our community)? o What is the Welcome Project? o What would we like the Welcome Project to be? o What does/would the Welcome Project look like if successful? o How do we make the Welcome Project successful? o What do we want people (those involved in the WP) to be doing?; Orientation Stuff At our table we will have: o Sign-up Sheet o Blue Sheet o Conversation Group sheet o Bookmarks (lavender) o New Poster Board o Candy o Décor (Teddy Bear and Welcome Project T-Shirts; rainbow table cloth and rainbow flags) Eva and Andrew will take care of copies tomorrow (Tuesday, 2 June). Next Meeting: THURSDAY EVENING AT 7:30PM.  Bring Welcome Project Brochure revision suggestions; any/all Orientation stuff; and most of all, yourselves, for PICTURES  !!



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