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GLBT Center meeting notes, updates, and tasks. GLBT Center Meeting Minutes – 28 May 2009; Staff Hours: Send Andrew an e-mail with hours for each time period (every two weeks). Staff members will work approximately 15 hours per week.; Marcus’s Room: There’s been a cleaning delay due to staff shortages. Marcus and Andrew agreed to do a walk through to assess whether cleaning staff was necessary, so that Marcus can move in ASAP. Conference and Resource Room in the works – the rooms have been cleaned. 12 August 2009, Career Services Professional Development Presentation Provide Career Services with LGBT perspective and campus issues.; ORIENTATION PREPARATION Jamie completed a BEAUTIFUL, new presentation poster. Enhancement suggestions included: bigger headings, pictures (of people), bigger and bolder lettering for GLBT Center; and revisions for the Community paragraph to include APRI, PFLAG, MERI and affiliations with other schools. Andrew found fliers, pens, conversation group information in his office to provide at Orientation sessions in addition to brochures and t-shirts. Furthermore, bookmarks (purple) are in the works and we will work on providing webpage information. By June 8th Orientation, we will have a schedule, an updated Welcome Project Brochure (Monday, 6/1 night’s meeting), and we will also provide some candy at the booth.; Tasks for this summer: Orientation (see above – Jess sent booth schedule via e-mail) GLBT Course for Spring 2010 Welcome Project Resource Center Housing and Transgender Sensitivity (Jamie has begun to look into this; Jess also has previously gathered research) Webpage (Joe did a FAB job!) Film Series Schedule Welcome Week Activities Cigar Article Re: Center Information Preparation for 10/5 MERI Diversity Week Program Write Out 2 Possible Summer Field Trips: To UCONN or UMASS GLBT Centers in order to get a feel for how other centers operate, etc. Our second venture would be to visit Provincetown for a day.; RI Pride, June 19-21st: Suggestion was made to get a group together to scope out booths and activities for next year’s participation. Brainstorm Session: SEC Quad Film Suggestions Jamie is looking into this, we suggested films such as Milk, Too Wong Foo, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but this depends upon SEC lists, restrictions, etc. Gay Comedy Hour Costume Party of Some Sort… Web-Page Discussion Topics/Roundtable Discussions Celebrity Talks: we discussed celebrities we could perhaps lobby for and get support from other groups/departments throughout URI Rachel Maddow Irshad Manji Indigo Girls Rhode Show PSA Contest; Next Meeting – Monday, 1 June, 2009 @ 7:00pm (Welcome Project Brochure Revisions). We will also have a meeting on Thursday, 4 June to take more group pictures for the website and our presentation poster. PS: Next Monday is somebody’s birthday…. Let me know if I’ve left anything out – great things are in the works guys and I’m SO EXCITED!! -Eva; Joseph A Santiago; Joe Santiago; Andrew Winters



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