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A special thanks to Tom Dougan, Don Dehayes, Kathryn Friedman, and David Dooley, for all the support and encouragement with this project.

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To inform the Equity Council about URI’S Digital Commons as a Unifying force for the community that can centralize information across our community so that all individuals can come together as stakeholders to promote cross-campus interactions and inform each other directly. To ask for participation in the project and to settle on the name for the Digital Commons Cultural Collections that honors all parties involved. This collection is smart phone optimized to encourage global community interactions with all people where ever they may be.

Please note that these Collections are still a work in progress.

Video was created by Joseph Santiago to present the project to Kathryn Friedman and the Equity Council. (7679 kB) (6514 kB)
Joseph Santiago originally sought to name this collection after Kathryn Friedman.



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