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Gender Neutral bathroom key and icons are included here also. In sharing this information we hope that others will use it to map more halls and keep the info current.

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Adams Hall, Eddy Hall, Garrahy Hall, and Wiley Hall maps have been utilized to show where the gender neutral bathrooms are located. The number after each image is the florr number that the map applies to.

A Gender Neutral key was created by Joseph Santiago to help standardize the process for mapping out the buildings on campus. If using a different key makes things more clear or easier please contact him so all of us can adopt the same system.

Eddy 1.jpg (231 kB)
Eddy 2.jpg (241 kB)
Eddy 3.jpg (243 kB)
Garrahy Hall 1.jpg (171 kB)
Garrahy Hall 2.jpg (175 kB)
Garrahy Hall 3.jpg (175 kB)
Wiley 1.jpg (260 kB)
Wiley 2.jpg (270 kB)
Wiley 3.jpg (269 kB)
Adams Hall 1.jpg (117 kB)
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