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URI GLBT Center Job and Occupancy Expectations. URI GLBT Center Job and Occupancy Expectations; Joe Santiago; Joseph Santiago; Andrew Winters; Morgan E Cottrell; As a staff member of the GLBT Center, I, ______________________________ agree to the terms and conditions provided below. I also understand that continuation as a GLBT Center live-in staff member is subject to approval by the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs for GLBT Programs and Services.; Mission: As a staff member of the GLBT Center at the University of Rhode Island I agree to promote a welcoming and safe environment for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. I understand that the work of the Center includes education, advocacy, and support.; Staff members at the GLBT Center agree to live and work at the Center in order to foster the Center’s programs and promote a healthy, active, and positive Center atmosphere. Such participation depends upon the following:; Attendance at weekly staff meetings; Center staff are expected to participate in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of GLBT Center programs and activities.  Completion of a minimum of 15 hours per week  Active participation in Center maintenance so that the Center is clean, visibly presentable, professional, and welcoming to all who may visit.  Continuous contribution of positive and creative energy as well as consistent acceptance of all who enter the Center.  Completion of other duties as assigned by the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs for GLBT Programs and Services, or other sanctioned senior staff members.  Serving as a community liaison for the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning (LGBTIQQ) community.  Working to create an open, safe, inclusive space and community that promotes learning, discovery, and scholarship about gender and sexual identities.  Working collaboratively with other community centers (MCC, Women’s, TD, etc).  Serving as liaison to students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, and staff to maintain communication and flow of information.  Serving as a representative to promote the mission and goals of the GLBT Center.  Providing outreach to campus and community groups through advertising, planning programs, conducting training, etc.  Addressing, educating about, and advocating for the issues and needs of underrepresented; Implementing and delivering programs, trainings, in-service, and annual LGBTIQQ Symposium offerings on various community issues and topics that support the mission and goals of the GLBT Center and promote retention of LGBTIQQ students for the university.  Assisting with reports on programs, activities, goals, evaluations, and strategic plans and submit them to the university archive.  Working with the staff, students, and volunteers in planning, implementation, publicity, and evaluation of GLBT Center programs such as Welcome Wednesday, the Welcome Project, the Symposium, and Conversation Group.  Attending national, regional, and state-wide conferences/meetings when opportunities exist.; The GLBT Center and URI Campus is an alcohol and substance free space. Any use of alcohol and/or illegal substances in the above-mentioned spaces is inconsistent with expectations of Center staff. o All overnight guests at the GLBT Center are expected to cooperate with, and uphold, the rules and standards of the Center. Only Center staff are permitted to reside at the Center. Residence at the Center requires prior approval by the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs for GLBT Programs and Services. o The GLBT Center is devoted to safety of all. Center staff members, guests, and visitors to the Center are expected to comply with fire safety and other codes designed to preserve a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all. o Center staff are expected to uphold and maintain academic standards and compliance with URI codes of conduct. o The living accommodation and space allotment is subject to change and to be amended based on the needs of the GLBT Center as determined by the Assistant to the Vice President of student Affairs for GLBT Programs and Services. o Center staff will be expected to vacate their Center residence upon resignation or; All URI Housing Terms and Conditions are in the Housing Contract: All Student Rights and Responsibilities are provided within the Student Handbook:; Applicants for employment at the URI GLBT Center may be required to undergo a review of student conduct records.; I agree to abide by all of the expectations stated above. I understand and agree that I will immediately surrender my room and Center keys within one week of discontinuation for any reason of my status as a staff member at the GLBT Center



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