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  1. September 12th 2011
  2. September 19th 2011
  3. September 26th 2011
  4. September 29th 2011
  5. October 13th 2011
  6. October 27th 2011
  7. December 1st 2011

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September 12th 2011
- Introduction and Briefing on "What is the GSA?"

September 19th 2011
- Review of the group Constitution and overview of events for the coming Semester.

September 26th 2011
- National Coming Out Day Planning.

September 29th 2011
- National Coming Out Day Preparation.

October 13th 2011
- Ally Week and the "It Gets Better" Video.

October 27th 2011
- Transgender Vigil of Remembrance.

December 1st 2011
- End of year evaluations



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