Effects of trap saturation and species interaction on the capture of Callinectes Spp. crabs in the Guayas Estuary

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Catchability of Callinectes spp. crabs was examined from June through August 1987 in the Guayas Estuary, Ecuador, concentrating on aspects of saturation and interaction effects in traps. Actual versus potential catch due to saturation effects was examined using an experimental design of traps with the catch removed (fished) versus traps with the catch counted but not removed (not-fished). A significant decrease in catch in the not-fished traps was observed after 3 h in the lower estuary and after 21 h in the upper estuary. Experiments to examine intraspecific or interspecific effects on the catchability of the two Callinectes species in traps were conducted in the lower Guayas Estuary using a combination of stocked treatments. Significant differences were observed in the catch of C. toxotes in the treatments with high densities of stocked C. toxotes. The catch of C. arcuatus was not affected by stocking the traps with either species in densities tested. © 1990.

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Fisheries Research