Cryostabilization of unwashed fish mince

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Mechanical refining and cryostabilization methods have been developed to increase the commercial use of fish mince from the underutilized fish species. Freeze-induced texture hardening and drip loss in the white, lean fish mince, and rancidity in the dark, oily fish mince can be controlled by the use of appropriate cryoprotectant mixtures. 2-4% milk protein concentrate was effective in controlling rancidity and fishy odor developments in oily fish mince by binding low molecular weight reactive substances, while the combination of 2% soy protein concentrate and 0.4% alginate plus conventional cryoprotectants (4% sorbitol, 0.3% STPP) retarded fishy odor development and texture hardening in lean fish. Alginate helped maintain the dispersibility of fish mince by preventing muscle fiber interaction during frozen storage. Cryostabilization of fish mince enables the development of a variety of value-added mince-based seafood products formulated to provide desired flavor and texture. © 2002, The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science. All rights reserved.

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Fisheries Science