Recent advances in surimi technology

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Since the first commercial development of surimi technology with the discovery of cryostabilization technique in 1959, surimi technology has made a series of advances. Developments in surimi processing include recovery maximization through decanter centrifugation and pH-modified protein solubilization for all fish species, and micronization and leaching under vacuum for oily, dark flesh pelagic fish. New developments in surimi seafoods are the use of protease inhibitors and TGase for gel enhancing, modified starch for freeze-thaw stability, improved pasteurization and packaging for extended shelf-life, nonconventional heat-setting processes, high shear extrusion for fiberization, surimi gel as a protective matrix for oxidation-sensitive nutrients, and acid-induced gelation. The surimi technology has also been introduced in non-fish muscle product processing for refinement and functionality improvement. The global status of surimi industry with future prospect is also discussed. © 2002, The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science. All rights reserved.

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Fisheries Science